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Game Dev | Creative Director | Public Speaker | Mentor | Consultant | Podcaster

✨Interested in Everything Creative✨


Antonio Uribe, also known as Fáyer, studied Computer Engineering at UNAM. Co-founded and worked for more than 5 years as a developer and Director in HyperBeard, one of the biggest publisher and mobile game developer in México. Currently working in consulting for tech and video game companies with his experience in development, gamification, game design, production, narrative design, amongst others. 

He also represents México in the Videogame LATAM Federation, Country Lead in Latinx in Gaming, Co-founder of Game Summit MX (mexican game dev event), Founder of the game dev club "Club Picocho" and public speaker with national and international experience. 


More about me:
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  • Arco


    2024 - Co-creador, programador, game designer, escritor
  • Dilemo


    2022 - Co-creator, director, producer, game designer
  • My Dear Farm / Iddle Pocket Planet

    My Dear Farm / Iddle Pocket Planet

    2022 - Executive Producer
  • Ranita Fishing

    Ranita Fishing

    2021 - Director, producer, game designer, writer
  • Kitsu


    2021 - Co-creator, programmer, game designer
  • Bouncing Dude

    Bouncing Dude

    2014 - Co-creator, producer, game designer and programer
  • Palabraz


    2014 - Co-creator, producer, game designer and programmer
  • Muertitos


    2014 - Co-creator, producer, game designer and programmer
  • The Balloons

    The Balloons

    2015 - Director, producer, game designer
  • KleptoCats


    2016 - Co-creator, director, productor, game designer, writer, some sfx
  • Alchademy


    2016 - Co-creator, director, producer, game designer, writer
  • Clawbert


    2017 - Executive producer, game designer
  • Chichens


    2017 - Co-creator, director, producer, game designer, writer
  • KleptoCats 2

    KleptoCats 2

    2018 - Co-creator, director, productor, game designer, writer
  • Axolochi


    2018 - Co-creator, director, producer, game designer, writer
  • Tsuki Adventure

    Tsuki Adventure

    2018 - Executive producer, game design
  • BunnyBuns


    2019 - Co-creator, director, producer, game designer, writer


  • Momoks


    2020 - Co-Creator, Writer

    Momoks is an IP that dreams of becoming an animation. Co-created by Daniel Mastretta, Juan Pablo Riebeling and Antonio Uribe between 2020 and 2022. 

    In 2022 the project was submitted to Pixelatl's Ideatoon and it won. 

    Momoks Momoks Momoks Momoks Momoks
  • HyperBeard Games

    HyperBeard Games

    2014 - Co-founded and Directed the studio

    HyperBeard Games is a game development studio co-founded by Antonio Uribe and Juan Pablo Riebeling in 2014. Currently it is one of the largest studios in Mexico, with more than 40 employees, its games have reached millions of people and multiple countries.

  • KleptoCats Animated Shorts

    KleptoCats Animated Shorts

    2018 - Co-Creator, Director, Producer, Writer

    Animated short series based on the KleptoCats game, distributed via YouTube.

    KleptoCats Animated Shorts KleptoCats Animated Shorts KleptoCats Animated Shorts KleptoCats Animated Shorts KleptoCats Animated Shorts KleptoCats Animated Shorts
  • Vida Entre Bits

    Vida Entre Bits

    2020 - Podcast

    Vida Entre Bits is a podcast where Fáyer, Artemio and guests talk about anecdotes, thoughts, design, history, technology and other things that surround their favorite games.

    #VidaEntreBits @FayerDev @Artemio

    Listen in YouTubeSpotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor y more.

  • Club Picocho

    Club Picocho

    2020 - Game Dev Club in Pico-8

    The "Club Picocho" was a club to make video games with friends on the Pico-8 platform and learn various topics about game development. We followed the 1GAM philosophy (one game a month).

    If you are interested in knowing more about it, you can read all the information and see examples of what has been developed in the following blog article:  Post-Mortem Club Picocho (in spanish)

  • Game Summit MX

    Game Summit MX

    2019 - Game Dev Event

    The Game Summit MX is an event by and for video game developers. Co-Directed by Arturo Nereu and Antonio Uribe and Produced by Astrid Cortés, the event intends to push the development of the video game industry in México.

    In 2020, due to Covid-19, it was decided to hold the Game Summit MX - Direct, which was presented in the form of a pre-recorded Keynote to show the best Mexican game trailers, the most recent news and updates from our collaborators, in addition to an incredible concert at the hands of Brian Cubría.

    See the Direct on YouTube.

    Game Summit MX Game Summit MX Game Summit MX Game Summit MX
  • Represetations


    2020 - Representations

    Fáyer is the representative of Mexico in the American association "Latinx In Gaming" and in the Latam Video Game Federation.

  • El Fandalorian

    El Fandalorian

    2020 - Podcast

    Conversations and chatter about The Mandalorian and other series from the Star Wars universe, in the company of the Fandalorians, Andrés "Boludo" Durán, Antonio "Fáyer" Uribe y Mareo Flores.

    Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor y más

  • Abuguet


    2019 - Podcast

    Abuguet is a podcast of conversations and criticism about the video game industry and the aspects that emerge from it.

    The podcast has hundreds of episodes but Fáyer only participated in the last episodes, in particular from the episode "Fuego Indie"

    Hosted by Andrés “Boludo” Durán y Antonio "Fáyer" Uribe, you can listen to it on Spotify


• Co-founded HyperBeard Games
• Directed HyperBeard for 5+ years
• Clear, concise communicator in English (and Spanish)
• Developed, Designed, Directed, Produced and Launched 20+ games
• Experience of leading designers, artists and programmers

Extras and Awards
• Got the “Talent Award Gamer 2019” for being a reference in the mexican game industry 
• I’ve given more than 20 talks about game development in the US, Mexico and the Latam region 
• I was a mentor on Google’s Game Accelerator
• I co-created and co-directed the “Game Summit MX”